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The third wave of COVID: who all are affected?

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Understanding the Possibility of a Third Wave in India

What is a wave?

A ‘wave’ in terms of a disease means the rising and falling trends of a disease’s impact over a long period.

The first wave of COVID-19 in India reached a peak in September 2020, and the second wave started in March-April 2021.

When will the third wave arrive?

The third wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic is said to hit the country later this year or early next year. Seeing the drop in daily cases reported since the first week of May, the trend will fall considerably till the end of July. Any spike from there will qualify as the third wave.

For some places like Delhi and Indore, the third and fourth waves of the Pandemic are their present reality. The second wave of COVID-19 has left glaring loopholes in the healthcare system visible to all. The Public Health system has to reel back in control of the situation by arranging for an adequate number of hospital beds, medical oxygen, essential medicines, and ventilators before the surge in cases catches us stunned and we lose more innocent lives to the Pandemic.

There was an indication that the third wave of COVID-19 will affect children more, but medical professionals do not support this information. However, the need for developing more pediatric COVID care facilities like in-patient beds and ICU beds for children is advised.

 The possibility of third wave in india

How do we prepare ourselves for the imminent third wave of COVID-19?

The Country also needs strict containment regulations with an efficient surveillance system to avoid a created transmission chain. The false sense of security that the worst is over is paving the way for more such waves to engulf us and take our lives.

Making our vaccination implementation model all-encompassing and robust will help equip the Country to combat the third wave of COVID-19 and possibly a fourth wave.
The virus is expected to lose power because of weakened mutations and strengthened immunity from vaccination. However, taking the example of countries like the US, UK, and our own city Delhi, the virus has proved fatal with each new wave.

A rational way to go would be to keep following COVID protocols, avoid letting children be a part of the transmission chain, and abstain from negative and incorrect news.

How can we help the victims of the COVID third wave?

Kalpaka aims to help the needy by providing oxygen supply, Intensive care hospital beds, and crucial medicines to the patients of COVID, and food and ration to families who lost their livelihood during this time. Our effort is to give the needy comfort during this life-threatening Pandemic and reduce pressure on the poor to go out and earn food and make themselves vulnerable to the virus.


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