An innovative initiative led by Kalpaka

 We, at Kalpaka, aim to lead a global movement toward a planet free from the urgent and escalating plastic pollution problem.

Challenges of Plastic Pollution in India and Globally

Plastic pollution presents many challenges in India and worldwide. The improper disposal and breakdown of plastics contaminate soil, water, and food sources, posing significant health risks to humans and wildlife.

Furthermore, plastic pollution threatens biodiversity, disrupts ecosystems, and jeopardizes vulnerable species. 

Driving Transformative Change: The Mission of Rise Against Plastic

Our mission at Kalpaka is to drive significant change by raising awareness and advocating for sustainable solutions. 

Through innovative initiatives and community engagement, we strive to reduce plastic waste and protect our environment for future generations.

Plastic Revolution: Educate, Advocate, Innovate

Kalpaka focuses on combating plastic pollution through:

Environmental Education:

We educate the community about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment.

Community Action:

We mobilize local initiatives to clean up plastic waste in parks and neighborhoods.

Driving Change:

We campaign to reduce plastic usage.

Engaging with Businesses:

We collaborate with companies to develop eco-friendly products and packaging solutions.

Research Support:

We support research to develop innovative solutions for plastic pollution mitigation.

Get Involved

Kalpaka invites individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments to join hands in this critical mission.

Whether through adopting sustainable habits in daily life, advocating for policy reforms, or participating in community-led initiatives, your role is crucial in creating a plastic-free world.

Want to help, but don’t know where to start? Volunteer with us.