Frequently Asked Questions

Kalpaka - Save environment

About Kalpaka

Kalpaka is a secular, non-profit and non-political organization aiming to help the needy and empower local communities through sustainable advancement techniques pan India.

Kalpaka’s vision statement is to bring about sustainable change in the lives of the needy with a life cycle approach to development.

Kalpaka’s cause has reached out to many good samaritans who grace our initiative to help the needy with steady donations on which Kalpaka is thriving.

Kalpaka rose from the compassion we have felt towards the needy, who have been the most vulnerable to social evils. We are equipping our donors to sit at home and contribute to a large variety of causes we hope to help in through our network of motivated and empathetic volunteers. We want to keep the donation process and implementation crystal clear so that you can see your donation take the form of an agent of social change, starting from just Rs. 25.

Definitely! Have a look at our projects on the website and click on the ‘Become A Volunteer’ button below the page to register. We will love to have you on board!

Donation Process

Kalpaka aims to gradually work towards helping the needy, starting from current immediate social causes to some projects which need to be constant to build sustainability in our target communities in the long run. Therefore, monthly donations feed a steady stream of funds into our modus operandi.

Kalpaka has a steady circulation of projects depending upon urgency. It helps us stay relevant and also encompass a wide variety of social causes together. You can find our current projects on our web homepage and choose one or more to be involved.

Yes. Our website will give you a bird’ eye view of our projects, and you can select one or more to go with. For more information on projects, email us at info@kalpaka.org.

You can donate via Credit card, Debit card, or Netbanking. You can mail us a cheque or draft too after you contact us for our bank details.

Thank you for giving us a chance! Here are the steps to donate to Kalpaka:

  • You can find the list of our social campaigns here
  • Choose the project you want to donate to.
  • Choose a tab with the amount you want to donate or type your custom amount.
  • Click on the ‘Donate Now’ button.
  • You will be asked to fill up a form with your details.
  • Fill up the form and click on ‘Donate Now.’
  • You will be redirected to the payment gateway page, where you can put down the details and complete your payment.

You will get the receipt of payment within 24 hours of completion of payment completion.

Yes, you can donate by phone by using our payment gateway. You can pay via cheque too. Contact us for our bank information at info@kalpaka.org, and we will send you the receipt as soon as we receive your cheque.

Thank you for pledging your support to our cause regularly!
There is an option to select for recurring option on your first donation; if you haven’t picked it then, no problem! Select the option of recurring donation on your next donation to us.

You will need to contact us at info@kalpaka.org and let us know if you want to cancel your recurring deposit 15 days before your next billing date. We hope we haven’t discouraged your semblance with our social projects, and you still trust us with your donations.

Our payment gateway is encrypted and secure, so your donation to us will reach the cause you want to support without hassles.

We separate 2.4% of your donation as charges for the payment gateway since they provide us the necessary service of channelizing funds. Don’t worry; you are still supporting your cause through donations.

Yes, we can get you a refund for your donation. You just have to raise this request to us at info@kalpaka.org, and we will get to it. We appreciate your donations as support to our causes, but we are sorry if Kalpaka could not match your expectations. Do reach out to us for feedback.

If you are facing technical issues with your donation, we are sorry for that. Send us an email at info@kalpaka.org, and our experienced personnel will solve it for you right away.

For donations amounting to lower than Rs. 50,000, we don’t need your PAN card details. If you want to donate more than Rs. 50,000, we have a link for you to put your PAN card details in.

Kalpaka aims to bring your support to the community through donations directly to the target population, so you can rest assured that your donation is going for the right cause. Additionally, we will have annual reports of the donations audited by a certified Chartered Accountant sent to your email ID and published on our website once prepared.

We will send an annual report of your donations to your email ID and publish it on our website. Additionally, we will send you monthly, and weekly updates on your donations via newsletters sent on your registered email ID so that you can see your donations creating positive change in society.

The Kalpaka Annual report will contain the detailed SOP of the organization, audit of the donations we have received, testimonials from the beneficiaries, and photos in real-time of handing over essentials. We are also going to list the name of our donors for appreciation.

Yes; we have received our 80G certification and donations received since 1st September 2021 are tax-saving.

Kalpaka is yet to get its FCRA certificate to receive donations from abroad. Please stay tuned to our website for an update on this matter.

We do not prefer letting the donor and the beneficiary meet to avoid the beneficiary from feeling that he or she is at the receiving end of charity.

You have to put an end to the standing instructions on your credit card before you register your credit card with our payment gateway for recurring monthly donations.

Since Kalpaka changes pursuing projects according to the immediate need, there are some projects which we will always keep supporting. However, if we take down a project, we will inform you via email and also provide you our list of available causes for you to donate to.

No, we only take monthly donations to keep up with our consistency of assisting the needy.

Want to help, but don’t know where to start? Volunteer with us.