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The surge in COVID-19 cases has brought to light the overwhelming challenges faced by metro and urban cities in India. The healthcare infrastructure, designed to cater to the regular needs of these bustling metropolises, is now stretched to its limits, making it difficult to provide hospital beds and timely treatment for those affected by the virus. This dire situation has led to increased panic and fear among the populace, and it is evident that urgent action is required to alleviate the burden on healthcare facilities and provide relief to the suffering.In this critical time, organizations like Kalpaka are committed to stepping up and offering support where it is needed the most. 



Feed A Child - Kalpaka

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The number of people affected by the novel coronavirus has increased drastically across India. Many samaritans have joined hands with us to help covid patients living alone to daily wage workers who are stranded with no jobs, shelter, and money amid the lockdown, or older adults who cannot cook during this time get home-cooked meals and ration.As the novel coronavirus continues to affect lives across India, the need for compassionate action has never been more urgent. At Kalpaka Organization, we recognize the depth of this crisis and are deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable during these trying times. 



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