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Immunity Boosters for underweight kids in Rural India

Malnutrition in Rural India - Kalpaka

Discovering Natural and Healthy Immune System Booster

Malnutrition of children under the age of 5 years is a significant public health problem in India. Sixty million children are underweight in India. Undernourished children are prone to infections and diseases like diarrhea, measles, malaria, and now COVID-19. Our Constitution secures every child’s Right to Health under Articles 23 and 24. However, with a cross-sectional study of any rural area, the primary reason behind malnutrition among children is the family’s economic status, which we cannot single-handedly change at the macro level.

Kalpaka believes that strengthening the children is equal to securing a promising future for our Country, which the new generations will run. In this tech-driven era, malnutrition and child mortality must not be obstacles in our country’s path to development. Additionally, the children need good immunity to combat COVID-19 with the body’s natural defense.

Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) is a significant public health problem in India. The most crucial time of development gets hampered by PEM, leading to permanent impairment in later life. PEM is measured in terms of underweight (low weight for age), stunting (low height for age), and wasting (low weight for size). The prevalence of stunting among under-five in India is 48%, and wasting is 19.8%, and with an underweight prevalence of 42.5%, it is the highest in the world.

Considering these statistics, Kalpaka Charitable Trust had an in-depth conversation with Doctors in rural Mandya and sensed the need for essential nutrients to combat under-nutrition. Therefore, we have planned to provide immunity boosters with Vitamin B-Complex, and Calcium syrup, along with protein for growth through milk and eggs.

Exploring Natural and Healthy Immune System Booster

Vitamin B complex plays a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being, directly impacting energy levels, brain functioning, and cell metabolism.

Young kids require calcium and vitamin D to avoid a disease called Rickets, which softens the bones, causing bow legs, stunted growth, and sometimes weak muscles. Therefore, we are providing calcium syrup because the body quickly absorbs liquid calcium to Immune system boosters.

Undernutrition is widespread in rural areas, more so with limited healthcare infrastructure highlighted due to COVID-19. We need your help to provide these boosters to rural children via local healthcare professionals. Each booster costs Rs. 400, and our minimum donation threshold is Rs. 25.

We want your help in securing rural India’s health for the future.


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