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Save Water

Save Water, Save Life! Water is Essential for all Living Beings. Water is a Finite Resource. Conserving it ensures that it will have Access to Clean and Safe Water for Drinking, Sanitation, and Agriculture and Household Chores. Conserving Water is not just a Responsibility...

Help the homeless child cloths

Help the homeless in winter Season

Project Starts on 1st Dec 2022

Share warmth by donating a blanket this winter or a minimum amount of Rs.10 to homeless people.

Feed A Child - Kalpaka

Malnutrition Project: Fighting Hunger, Nourishing Lives

Project Started on 22 June 2021

Child mortality is high in rural areas due to malnutrition. Help us provide nutrition to the children and save the future generations of our Country.

donate meals and ration

Donate Meals and Ration: Help Those in Need Today

Project Started on 24 May 2021

Kalpaka’s initiative towards facilitating the providing of hands to reach COVID patients living alone, unemployed daily wage workers, and who have suffered food shortage from loss of income streams.

Kalpaka event

Essential Frontline Workers: Heroes in the Pandemic

Project Ended

Can you imagine battling the Pandemic without proper personal equipment? Donate today to equip our COVID warriors to continue fighting COVID-19 on our behalf.

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