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Water Conservation Event

 Water Conservation Program Introduction:

On May 28, 2024, Kalpaka NGO conducted a water conservation awareness program at Royal Public School. The event aimed to educate and engage students in understanding the importance of water conservation and fostering a sense of environmental responsibility.


The event targeted 7th-grade students, with approximately 30 enthusiastic participants, including boys and girls. A social worker from Kalpaka NGO facilitated the session.

Event Details

The session began at 10:00 a.m. with a warm welcome from the social worker. The agenda began with an introduction to Kalpaka NGO, highlighting its past projects and initiatives to create positive societal changes. The core focus of the session revolved around the significance of water conservation and its role in promoting civic-driven change. Students learned how crops require water for growth, which in turn sustains life, and how industries rely on water for manufacturing processes Furthermore, the session discussed the multifaceted benefits of water conservation, including social, economic and environmental advantages.

Challenges and Solutions

Students were educated about the challenges associated with water conservation, such as inefficiencies in household water usage, wasteful agricultural practices, and irrigation methods leading to water wastage. The social worker facilitated discussions on potential solutions to these challenges, encouraging students to explore ways to minimize water wastage in their daily lives and communities.

Engagement and Participation

Throughout the session, students actively participated by sharing their insights and perspectives on environmental protection and water conservation. Their enthusiasm demonstrated a genuine interest in understanding the subject and its implications for their lives and communities.

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The event yielded several positive outcomes, including:

  • Children learned about how wastewater is treated.
  • Children swore not to waste water and participate in school programs promoting water conservation.
  • Fostering a sense of responsibility towards sustainable resource management.
  • Exchange of ideas between students and the social worker about water conservation tips.


The water conservation awareness program conducted by Kalpaka NGO at Royal Public School was a resounding success. Through collaborative efforts and education initiatives like this, we aim to create a more sustainable and responsible future for future generations. 

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