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About Us

Kalpaka is an NGO charity providing holistic improvement to the poor and the needy in India. Kalpaka is a non-profit, secular, and non-political organization established to engage in sustainable advancement techniques to empower the local rural communities. 

Kalpaka is powered by a belief to build a better world.

We promote agriculture by supporting farmers, promoting ecology and tribal evolution, environmental protection , providing primary, secondary, and higher education, and eliminating Child Labor practices. 

Also, our lifelong mission ensures pollution abatement and control, public safety and disaster services, rehabilitation, conservation of wildlife, and any other activities for the general charitable purpose.

Born amid COVID – 19, Kalpaka has witnessed the atrocities of the Pandemic on the underprivileged and has vowed to do everything in its power to help the poor and the needy in the years to come.

At Kalpaka, we work with motivation to bring sustainable change in underprivileged people’s lives with a life-cycle approach to development.

Our mission is to enable a civil society across India to engage proactively in the change process through the philosophy of civic driven change.

Kalpaka’s moral obligation is to help India in every way we can. We are the change-makers who are working on setting up a well-developed society for everyone.

As an NGO charity, Kalpaka Charitable Trust aims to reach the grassroots level of development and find out what the poor and the needy lack when it comes to being a vital part of the nation’s economy and progress. It is their fundamental right to a good life that we want to ensure.

Our goal at Kalpaka is to provide public health support and humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable families. 

We’re also powered by thousands of inspiring donors, healthcare workers, and companies. Together, we’re determined to transform the way disaster recovery is accomplished around India.

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