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1 hour

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Google Meet

Vinay Venkatesh

Founder & President | Kalpaka |

Workshop - Resume Writing For Free

The Free Resume Writing Workshop Offered by Kalpaka offers thorough Resume Improvement Advice, including the Fundamentals, Customization, Summary Development, Experience building, talent showcasing, Education, and Resources for Additional help. 

What You'll Learn:

Crafting a Standout Resume: Discover the Secrets to Creating a Resume that Grabs attention and Showcases your Skills.

Tailoring for Success: Learn how to Customize your Resume based on your Freshness or Experience.

Highlighting Achievements: Master the art of Emphasizing your accomplishments to make your Resume Shine.

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Why We Attend ? Its Resume Writing For Free

Expert Guidance: Our Experts will provide Advice and tips about the Essential factors.

Free Workshop: Access Premium Resume insights at zero Cost – because your Career Success matters to us!

Insider Tips: Get Insights into what Employers seek.

Q&A Session: Get Answers to your Questions about Resumes and Job Applications.

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Who Should Attend:

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Job searching

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