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Treatment centers in Rural India

How can you help?

  • Donate a minimal amount to provide medical oxygen to rural COVID victims and save lives today.
  • Volunteer by becoming a Kalpaka Champion and helping us in medical oxygen procurement for COVID victims in your area.
  • Report to us of a rural COVID victim in your area in dire need of medical oxygen. Call us at 8867053777.
  • Encourage others in your community to donate to our cause and save lives today.
  • Reach out to us at info@kalpaka.org for queries.

What is the crisis of treatment beds for COVID victims in rural India?

India displayed an exasperating breakdown of the healthcare system when COVID patients were refused treatment in hospitals because of scarcity in ICU beds, medical oxygen, and other essentials. The phenomenon was amplified with a jump in COVID cases in April 2021. The new strain of the virus was more dangerous, affecting the younger population and widening the demography of COVID patients.

The rural population claims 66% of India’s composition, yet there are only 3.2 Government hospital beds available per 10,000 rural people. After one year from the day COVID struck the country, we are still unprepared when the patient arrives at the eleventh hour. The scarcity of hospital beds in the ICU has now made its way into the obsolete infrastructure of hospitals in rural areas.

The villagers are left with no option but to travel to cities searching for medical facilities to save their loved ones from COVID. The long distance rural-urban migration and the time involved just deteriorates the patient’s health, and the journey amounts to nothing but loss. They don’t use social media to access connections for available hospital beds, and they might be cheated out of money to get a bed facility since they are desperate to save their loved ones.

The healthcare officials are left to wonder if the crisis could have been avoided if the COVID treatment facilities were made available in primary health centers in rural areas instead of focusing just on big-city hospitals.

What are we doing?

Kalpaka aims to provide treatment beds to treat COVID patients beyond the limited capacity of hospital premises.

Are you looking to help the rural communities combat COVID-19 but don’t know any channel to reach your help to the target population effectively? Consider becoming our donors. We offer transparency to our donors with their contributions and bring them visible results monthly and annually.

What areas are we covering?

We want to start providing treatment beds for COVID patients from Kyathanahalli village, Mandya district, Karnataka. After that, we will expand to the neighboring villages soon and across India shortly in the future.

Want to help, but don’t know where to start? Volunteer with us.