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Essentials Kit for frontline workers

Essentials Kit for frontline workers


How can you help?

  • Donate a minimal amount to get protective essentials for our frontline workers.
  • Volunteer by becoming a Kalpaka Champion and providing essentials to frontline workers in your area as a part of the Kalpaka’s growing family.
  • Encourage others in your community to donate to our cause.
  • Reach out to us at info@kalpaka.org for queries.

Who are frontline workers?

Since the lockdown in March 2020, markets have shut down, the healthcare system is swamped with COVID patients, and many people have lost their sources of livelihood. In addition, to control the spread of the Pandemic, social gatherings were discouraged, and people were advised to use face masks and sanitizers properly, along with following social distancing protocols.

However, the need for essentials could not be curbed. Medical and ration shops were kept open, health centers were operational, and Government ASHA workers were going door-to-door, providing awareness about COVID-19 and enquiring about the need for essential supplies when many people lose their livelihood. Waste Collectors from the local self-governments were regularly working to avoid waste management issues; Testing Labs had technicians coming to the patient to collect COVID testing samples and prevent more infection from exposure; Ration shops, online grocery stores, vegetable sellers, and food delivery platforms had people bringing essentials to the people directly. Some of these people are putting their lives on the line because their income depends on it, and frontline healthcare service is our first line of defense against the Pandemic. Auto-rickshaws and bus drivers, food stall owners, and daily wage laborers earn less now because of the Pandemic limiting people’s mobility and activities.

Isn’t it true that all of them are frontline workers, right beside our medical frontline workers?

What are we doing?

If we want to step out of the house, we have public transport at our disposal, essentials out to purchase, and medical requirements addressed. But do we step out without a mask or a sanitizer? Definitely not.

It is Kalpaka’s mission to empower these frontline workers to keep contributing to the community’s welfare and earn whatever they can, but their protective gear would be on us. So we aim to provide a Medical Essentials Kit containing a face mask, a sanitizer bottle, and a pair of hand gloves, costing Rs. 150.

Kalpaka wants to share this vision of empowering frontline workers to their best capability by ensuring their safety in exposure during this Pandemic.

What areas are we covering?

We have started our initiative from essentials donations to ASHA workers in Kyathanahalli village, Mandya district, Karnataka.

Want to help, but don’t know where to start? Volunteer with us.