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Make a Difference Through Food Donation In India

How can you help?

  • Meal Donation: Donate a minimal amount to provide food to the needy and save lives today.
  • Volunteer by becoming a Kalpaka Champion and helping us in food distribution to the needy in your area.
  • Report to us of poor and needy in your area in dire need of basic food & ration. Call us at 8867053777.
  • Encourage others in your community to donate to feeding the poor and saving lives today.
  • Reach out to us at info@kalpaka.org for queries.

Food insecurity in India – more of nutrition scarcity

India housed the largest population of undernourished people worldwide even before the Pandemic hit. As per the latest State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) 2021 report, India ranked 101st among 116 countries. India’s level of hunger is serious, with an index of 27.5 food donation india Donate meal.

Kalpaka - nutrition scarcity chart

The report also recorded a rise in the number of moderate to severely malnourished people by 9.7 crores since the outbreak of COVID in 2020. This followed a rise in food insecurity by 6.8% in 2018-2020.

Child Stunting, Wasting, and mortality rates, which are components of child malnutrition, are the Global Hunger Index indicators .

The problem of undernutrition in India can only be solved with combined efforts of nonprofits and Government intervention. Food insecurity is not just scarcity of food – it is also the unavailability of the proper nutrition for overall growth .

What are we doing?

We provide nutritious food, online food donation and ration to unemployed laborers, older people who cannot afford food have restricted mobility, and the needy in dire need of food and ration for survival. Additionally, we are working on self-employment opportunities to provide them with sustainable livelihood donation for food in india.

What areas are we covering?

We want to start our initiative of providing food & ration and food donation online and donors food for the poor & needy in Kyathanahalli village, Mandya district, Karnataka. After that, we will expand to the neighboring villages soon and across India shortly in the future.

Want to help, but don’t know where to start? Volunteer with us.