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Treatment in Rural India

With the surge in Covid-19 cases, many metro and urban cities find it challenging to provide hospital beds or treatment on time. The healthcare capacity is overburdened, and as a result, panic and fear of COVID are getting worse day by day.

Kalpaka, along with covid treatment centers, has come up with infection prevention, control measures, and supportive care by providing supplemental oxygen, medicines, and mechanical ventilatory support for the registered patients.

Meals and Ration

The number of people affected by the novel coronavirus has increased drastically across India. Many samaritans have joined hands with us to help covid patients living alone to daily wage workers who are stranded with no jobs, shelter, and money amid the lockdown, or older adults who cannot cook during this time get home-cooked meals and ration.

In most major cities, many migrant laborers are stranded with jobs, shelter, and food. We have been trying to take care of their medical requirements, hygiene, drinking water, and food. Before the ration kits, we were giving cooked meals to the population here. By this strategy, we have been able to ensure that nobody goes hungry.

Oxygen for Rural India

We’ve witnessed how medical oxygen scarcity is costing lives. Access to medical oxygen has become the deciding factor for who lives and dies during this Covid pandemic.

As per the estimation, over 20 percent of all people with COVID-19 require oxygen support. A fewer number of Covid-19 patients even require the usage of high flow nasal cannula (HFNC). But our health systems are unable to meet the demand.

We have teamed up with few Oxygen suppliers across the country to ensure adequate medical grade oxygen is supplied to the hospitals and people in-home quarantine.

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